Personalized Makeup Consultation

17Ever wonder how to apply your makeup to best accentuate your features and address all of your makeup concerns?  (Bye bye under eye circles and hello there high cheekbones, just to name a few!)

No matter your lifestyle, every woman should have a beauty regime and know how to apply makeup correctly and effectively.  That’s where I come in!

Schedule a Personalized Makeup Consultation that will allow me to teach you:

  • Step-by-step how to apply your makeup
  • Utilize the products and tools you currently own
  • Implement new products and tools to complete your everyday look
  • Create a daily makeup routine that caters to your needs
  • How to accentuate your facial features
  • Ways to extend your makeup all day
  • Professional techniques to blend your makeup smoothly
  • Answer all your personal makeup questions

If you are interested in booking a Personalized Makeup Consultation, please contact Meli directly through the contact page or via e-mail: