My Favorite Lash Enhancing Serum -Babe Lash Essential Serum

Babe Lash

I just posted this topic on my Instagram but thought it was important enough to transfer onto my makeup blog.   There are many lash enhancing serums on the market and I have tried a handful over the years.  After testing many, I would say that my favorite lash enhancing serum is Babe Lash’s Essential Serum.  For starters, this absolutely works and I noticed results within a matter of days.  I first discovered this product last October at the @ipsy beauty event and have been purchasing it ever since.

The standard size tube is supposed to provide a 3 month supply although honestly, I usually run out of it a little before the 3 month mark.  I just started a new tube today and I like to mark on a calendar the start date so I have an idea how long it lasts and approximately when I should start a new supply.

No matter how long your natural lashes are, there is no greater joy than having full and longer natural lashes.  Seriously.  Think about it, have you ever heard *anyone* say they have a desire to have shorter lashes or tell their makeup artist, “Please minimize the appearance of my lashes?”  I don’t think so!  Long and full lashes are one of the few beauty standards that universally, everyone wants to obtain!  It doesn’t matter what culture (I work with many and have learned over the years that beauty varies very much from culture to culture) or what the beauty trends are at the present moment (in other words, it doesn’t matter what decade it is).  At the end of the day, people want their lashes to stand out and have a visually impacting presence.

So I say, long live beautiful lashes for life! 👍 If you want a natural alternative to enhancing your natural lashes without having to get lash extensions, this is definitely the way to go.  Keep in mind that in order to keep permanent results, you will need to use this on a consistent basis.  At least once a day for ideal results and then you can scale back to every 2-3 days once you have obtained results that are of your satisfaction.

Kylie Cosmetics “Go Ghost” and “French Vanilla” Highlighting Powders Review

I just ordered highlighting powders for the first time from Kylie Cosmetics.  They are specifically called, “Kylighters” or pressed illuminating powders.  I was not sure what to expect as ordering makeup online without testing the products in person can be hit or miss.

When I saw Kylie demo her highlighter, “Go Ghost” from her recent Halloween launch, I just knew I had to try it.  I also wanted to try, “French Vanilla” which looked rather similar.  For my personal self, I always gravitate towards a highlighter that looks white but it is actually more of a sheer gold color.  For many years, I have always been a fan of NARS “Albatross.”

I tested both of these highlighters once they arrived this afternoon and they really exceeded my expectations.  Color wise, they definitely turned out how I envisioned.  I would say they are close but still different.  I think the “French Vanilla” pops a little more on my skin but the “Go Ghost” looks just as beautiful as a cheek highlight.  The texture of these powders are also super silky and they apply rather nicely.  I have a feeling these will also work well as eye shadows.  I am happy I purchased both of these highlighters, they truly are amazing and I highly recommend them!

“Go Ghost” and “French Vanilla”

My Makeup Process of Creating the Right Look

I just recently posted this information on my Instagram but thought this was a great post for aspiring makeup artists, clients, and other artists to read.  I wanted to share a more in-depth way I go about creating the right look for my clients and brides.  My goal is to fully understand the desired look and then go through the design process through my makeup artistry to get to the final look at the end.

Fatima 2

Bridal look I created for Fatima

– I first ask if there are any photos of makeup styles to look at prior to the makeup application to get a general idea of the look that I am asked to create. If there are no photos or ideas, I will proceed with asking some thorough questions to ensure I understand makeup preferences and the overall vision.

– I like to also learn in advance how much makeup one wears on a regular basis (if any) so I can gauge the comfort level of how much makeup to apply. For more natural and clean looks, I will opt for a neutral color palette and make sure there’s a smooth blend with the application. I never want someone to feel they are wearing too much makeup as often times, less is more.

– I will ask very specific questions regarding: Placement (ex: Do you wear top and bottom liner normally?), Color preferences (ex: Do you feel more comfortable in warmer tones such as golds for the eye shadows?), and Intensity (ex: Do you like a more dramatic look or more natural?)

– In situations people are meeting me for the first time and I’m designing a look in advance for an event, I will show as I go. Meaning I will show with a mirror the steps of the makeup application as I am applying the makeup to make sure we are both on the same page.  As I mentioned earlier, I really take the time to listen and understand so I can translate this information into the final look at the end.

– Once I’m completely done with the makeup application, I will fully examine everything from every angle. Then I will tweak anything if needed and make any changes. I essentially edit (or fine tune as I like to call it) and really blend everything more thoroughly. I’ll then record everything I used along with the exact placement so I can replicate the look in the future for the day of the event.

This pretty much explains my creative process behind how I go about makeup artistry from client to client.  Aside from having the right skills, I think it is a necessity to truly get to know your client and really understand what they are looking for from the very beginning.

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