10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about False Eyelashes

As a makeup artist, I truly believe false eyelashes are essential for that extra wow factor and they can enhance the eyes dramatically.  I don’t think there is any mascara on the market that can really compare to the eye opening effect of a pair of false eyelashes (unless of course you naturally have beautiful long lashes to begin with)!  It is for this reason, I always like to include the option of false eyelashes with my makeup services at no additional cost because to me, it is that crucial in creating the final look!

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding false eyelashes:

  • How do they stay on?
    • False eyelashes are applied using a thin layer of glue (specifically a latex formula) which are then applied as close to the lash line as possible to blend in with your natural eyelashes.  Duo is the world’s best selling lash adhesive and can be found anywhere ranging from drugstores to cosmetic boutiques.  There are other brands on the market but nothing compares to Duo!


  • How do you remove them?
      • False lashes are easy to remove, you just need to gently pull on them starting on either end and just peel them off carefully.  It will not hurt at all and will not mess up your natural eyelashes.  If they feel a little more snug and do not seem to detach too easily, putting a little eye makeup remover (or anything oil based) over them will loosen up the glue so it can be removed with ease.


  • How long do they last?
      • A single pair of eyelashes is meant to be used on a daily basis, meaning at the end of the day when you are removing your makeup, you will also need to remove the false eyelashes.  They are not meant to be permanent or semi-permanent.  The good news is that they are reusable.


  • How many times can I reuse a pair of false eyelashes?
      • This is a personal preference.  If you do not plan on reusing them in the near future, they can be disposed immediately.  I would say on average, a pair of false eyelashes can be reused again (meaning reapplied another time) anywhere between 3-5 times.  I try to get even more wearage out of them, especially if they are well kept and are good quality.


  • Can I sleep with them?
      • False eyelashes are not meant to be worn overnight and I strongly discourage sleeping with them on.  Aside from potential irritation, sleeping with them on will completely destroy the lashes.  Chances are you will wake up with them still attached (surprisingly) but they will be all bent out of shape and definitely need to be tossed afterwards.


  • Will they stay on if I cry?
      • Generally speaking, the false lashes will still stay on because the glue that is used to apply them is waterproof.  The only time they run the risk of coming off is during the actual application process if your eyes are tearing up as they are trying to dry and set.  The tearing prevents the glue from sticking so if you begin to tear, wipe the eyes dry and wait a few minutes before trying to apply them again.  Once they are set and the glue has dried (usually within 2-3 minutes, the glue dries fairly quickly), then they should be set for the day and will not move if you were to cry later.


  • Can I wear mascara over them?
    • Yes, mascara can be applied over the false lashes and in most scenarios, I will put a single coat of mascara over the false eyelashes to allow them to blend in with the natural eyelashes more naturally.  Keep in mind, this is also a personal preference and can depend on certain factors.
    • Personally, when I wear false eyelashes, I actually never apply mascara over them.  I do not like wearing mascara in general and do not find it necessary for me to apply a coat of mascara over them as the false eyelashes blend in with my natural lashes on its own.  However, when I apply false eyelashes on my clients, I generally will always coat mascara over them.  (I will go over in a future post the pros and cons of applying mascara over false eyelashes).


  • Should they be applied before or after eyeshadow?
      • I believe false eyelashes should always be applied after you have completed your eye makeup in its entirety (except maybe the mascara–this can be applied before or after the false lash application).  Meaning your eyeshadow and eyeliner should be applied first followed by the false eyelashes.  I have seen false eyelashes applied first and this can work but I think there is a greater chance of them possibly detaching during the process of applying your eye makeup afterwards (because usually you need to tug on the eye more when applying eyeshadow and eyeliner).  This is my professional view but keep in mind, false eyelashes could be applied first before eyeshadow application if you choose to.


  • If I wear contacts or glasses, can I still wear false eyelashes?
      • If you wear contacts, wearing false eyelashes should not bother your eyes at all unless your eyes are extremely sensitive to begin with.  If this is the case, I would not recommend attempting to wear false eyelashes as health always comes first!  If you wear glasses, I usually do not recommend wearing false eyelashes because sometimes the lashes can hit the glass lens once you put your glasses on which can be slightly annoying.  If the lashes are shorter in length and more natural, you should be okay but in most cases, I would suggest to just wear mascara instead.


  • How are false eyelashes different from lash extensions?
    • Lash extensions are singular lashes dipped in a semi-permanent glue applied one by one along the lash line.  Being they are semi-permanent, lash extensions are meant to last up to two weeks before they start to fall out naturally.  Most people who get lash extensions will need to keep up with maintaining them by having them applied every couple weeks by a professional, usually in a salon setting.
    • False eyelashes are not permanent and just need to be applied for each single occasion.  Besides being applied by a professional makeup artist, anyone can pick up a pair of false eyelashes along with a tube of Duo lash adhesive and learn to apply them in the comfort of their own home.