Top 10 FAQ About Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has become increasingly popular over the years and as a result, people are more curious about the process, its results, and whether or not this is the ideal choice when getting their makeup professionally done.

I have compiled a list of the most common questions I receive about airbrush makeup which I will share with you along with the answers I provide to my clients.

    • What is airbrush makeup exactly?
      • Airbrush makeup is a technique applied with the use of an air compressor machine and an airbrush gun applicator as opposed to “traditional” makeup which is applied with the use of makeup brushes.  Typically, most makeup artists only airbrush the foundation on the skin although it is possible to airbrush other areas of the face including blush on the cheeks and even liquid eye shadows.
    • Which is better in your professional opinion, airbrush or traditional makeup?
      • This is a great question and one that I am asked quite often.  I never like to say one method is absolutely better over the other because it truly depends on the individual and the overall look we are looking to create for the complexion.  I think that airbrush is definitely the ideal choice for someone who never wears makeup as it is super natural looking while still lasting all day.  If you wear makeup on a daily basis and never tried airbrush makeup, I always encourage at least experiencing it for a makeup trial as it provides flawless results and does not feel like you are wearing makeup.
    • How long will the airbrush makeup last?
      • Both airbrush and traditional makeup are built to last the entire day without any real touch ups.  Depending on your skin type, exactly how long it will last could vary but you could expect lasting results even if you got your makeup applied very early that morning.  I would say that I do believe airbrush makeup is going to last slightly longer than the traditional makeup due to the fact that it is a more sheer and lightweight formula.  The formula is also water resistant.
    • Do you still use primer, powder, and/or setting spray with the airbrush application?
      • Although I was told primers, setting sprays, and even powders are not a necessity when using airbrush makeup, I still always use all three products in conjunction with airbrush makeup because I believe that any product I can use to extend the wear of the makeup, I will want to use it as it provides what I call extra makeup insurance.  In other words, all these products will provide makeup longevity throughout the day.  So the answer is no, it might not be required but yes, I absolutely will use primer, powder, and setting spray with an airbrush makeup application.
    • Which airbrush machine do you use?
      • I had done a lot of research before I invested in a machine and find Dinair Airbrush Makeup to be the best.  I like the system and their actual makeup as it applies smoothly, lasts all day, and I can custom blend the colors too if I need to which provides a client with a true customized foundation match.
    • I have sensitive skin, does airbrush makeup cause breakouts?
      • Since the airbrush makeup is applied gently on the top surface layer of the skin as opposed to traditional makeup where the brush directly brushes the foundation into the skin, I definitely think the airbrush makeup is the better option because of how it is applied and much less actual product is applied onto the skin.
      • It is always wise to set up a makeup trial and test the airbrush makeup to ensure your skin does not react to it but I have found that in all my years of doing makeup, I have never had a client complain after a trial that the makeup did not work with their skin or that it caused a reaction.

    • What foundation do you prefer on yourself personally?
      • For my every day makeup, I prefer to use a sheer liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer as opposed to airbrush makeup as it is just quicker for me to apply on myself than setting up my airbrush machine every day and I just feel as thought I have more control of the product than airbrushing myself (it’s easier for me to apply to others than myself in other words).  However, I have played around with the airbrush makeup and do very much like the results so for a special event, I will use this from time to time for an extra flawless finish, especially during the spring/summer months when there can be more humidity.
    • I don’t have the best skin, will airbrush makeup cover all my imperfections? 
      • No matter how much coverage is needed, I will still use concealers first to cover up any imperfections and then airbrush over it.  This is a great combination as the concealer will cover up the areas that need a higher concentration of makeup while the airbrush makeup locks everything in and smooths over the surface of the complexion.
    • How much coverage does airbrush makeup provide?
      • When done correctly, airbrush makeup is meant to be very smooth looking by providing a flawless finish without the appearance of wearing any makeup.  Your complexion should still look like your skin with an overall effortless look.
  • Is airbrush makeup more natural looking than traditional makeup or vice versa?
    • Although I can apply both airbrush makeup and traditional in a natural way, at the end of the day, airbrush makeup will always be the more natural choice.  This is due to the actual application technique and the fact that you end up wearing much less product on the face as opposed to a traditional makeup application.

Still have a question regarding airbrush makeup?  Please feel free to contact me directly as I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have along with giving you my professional and personal recommendation on what is best for you and your skin! 🙂

How a Makeup Artist Can Change Your Life! – 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional

No matter what your background in makeup is, whether you are someone who doesn’t leave the house without makeup, perhaps one who defines wearing makeup as simply applying mascara every once in a while, or you just flat out never wear makeup whatsoever (don’t worry, I’m not judging), the value of hiring a professional makeup artist can be life changing.

Makeup artists are typically hired in situations where a person is going to be photographed a significant amount, such as a wedding–which for many can be the most photographed day in a person’s lifetime.  It is also extremely beneficial to hire a makeup artist for head shots or for promotional purposes that will be featured on a website or advertisement.  For movies and television, a makeup artist on set is without question.

These examples provide many instances in which hiring a makeup artist is the way to go versus applying makeup yourself–even if you happen to know the basics of makeup application or wear makeup on a daily basis.  I tell people all the time, I was always one to apply makeup everyday but it was not until I pursued it professionally that I really knew what I was doing.  My evidence of this is when I look back at old photos and see a world of visual difference between applying makeup myself and then applying it myself once I became a true master of my craft.

Here I will explain in further detail a few of my top reasons why it is essential to hire a makeup artist for your next big event, photo shoot, or even for application techniques for your everyday use.  If you are having second thoughts due to cost or simply thinking, “it’s only makeup,” then this article will definitely shift your perspective into the direction of going professional.

  •  Attention to Detail –  Makeup artists are pretty much natural born visual perfectionists.  I can at least speak for myself and assure you it starts at a young age.  I was the type of person as a child, if I was creating a poster and the title was not straight or centered enough, I would feel the need to fix it immediately due to my innate attention to detail and need for it to be aesthetically pleasing.  Makeup artists have an eye to really apply makeup in a way that is precise and looks good from all angles.  The end goal is to also create facial symmetry such as drawing eyeliner at the same thickness/length on both sides.
  • Long-wearing Products – A true makeup artist will not only have a very well stocked makeup kit of the best products in the industry and an eclectic assortment of colors but also products with the best performance to ensure that the makeup will last all day with little to no touch-ups.  This is very important, especially in situations where the makeup is applied very early in the morning and expected to last until the very end of the night.  Makeup artists will use the correct products to extend the longevity of the makeup so you will not have to worry about it disappearing a few hours later into the day.
  • The Perfect Match – Aside from the actual makeup application, I would say there is also confusion surrounding makeup when it comes to the color selection process.   Being able to match foundation or simply choosing the best colors to suit a person’s skintone, hair, and eye color is often times a challenge for most people so leave it up to your makeup artist to know what shades best suit your personal coloring along with coincide with your style preferences.
  • Photo Ready – I never fail to mention to people that makeup can very well make or break a photo.  The way the makeup appears in person and in a photograph can actually vary so this is where a makeup artist comes in to know how much makeup is needed to really photograph well.  A person should look like their best photographed self once their makeup is applied professionally.
  • Accentuate Your Best Features –  As a makeup artist, I would say this is the most important reason as to why hiring a professional makeup artist is a necessity.  From ample experience working with all ages and races paired with a skilled eye, makeup artists can look at a face and know what to do to best accentuate a person’s facial features.  In addition, if a client has specific requests such as making the eyes look bigger, defining the cheekbones, evening out the complexion–you name it, you better believe a makeup artist has the solution and will make it happen! 😉

I hope this has provided some valuable insight as to the many benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist.  They are skilled at what they do to execute a flawless finish while also committed to creating a personalized look to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself!

Why I Chose Makeup School Over Graduate School

Often times I am asked how I got into makeup artistry as a professional career.  This is truly a whole separate entity and I would be happy to write about that in greater depth in the future.  However, what inspired me to write this post was for starters, I had not seen it done before.  There is no article about this particular subject matter and I can confirm this as I did try to do a google search and came up with nothing.  More importantly, I wanted to inspire people who might have been in my same exact situation–faced with a crossroad in choosing the right career path that led to professional development and self discovery.  In the event you do not get to the end of my personal story, I do at the very least want to leave you with a takeaway.  A very important life lesson and one that can apply to everyone at any stage of life:  All it takes is one decision to change your destiny.  You are in control, don’t ever forget that.

What people might not know about me unless they know me personally is that I actually did go to college before pursuing makeup.  I went to Rowan University where I obtained a degree in Psychology with a Sociology minor and Concentration in Leadership Studies.  Sounds fancy on paper, I know. 😉  Not only does the field of psychology run in my family, I always had a fascination with the subject matter.  There is no doubt I have a burning desire to connect with people, understand people on a deeper level, and find ways to bring the best in others.  At the time, I was looking into counseling in some form whether it be a Family/Marriage Counseling or School Counseling program.  I did understand that pretty much anything in the psychology field required at the minimum, a master’s degree and I was fully prepared to continue going to school upon finishing my undergraduate studies.  Aside from knowing all this, my parents also both went to graduate school at NYU which in and of itself had already set the educational bar high for me.  I always aspired to take the same path that they did although neither of my parents had ever pressured me to have to follow their lead.  I truly believed I was going to do the same thing:  1) Go to college 2)  Next, go to graduate school.  Although it was never said out loud, it was totally a given for the simple fact that this was the example set by my parents and what my sense of normal was growing up.  “Normal” for me meant on an academic level, I was not done after college.

Prior to Rowan, I always classified myself as a good student.  Good as in, I had no problems earning decent grades with a little effort on my part and I intrinsically cared about getting those good grades.  I always aimed to be a straight A student and probably on average would fall into the A- range.  At the same time, I wasn’t going to lose sleep over the occasional B.  Below that, I might have fret to some extent.  I just knew all it meant was that I needed to try a little harder next time and that I could find other ways to bring that grade up.  Oddly enough, my parents were not even the types to care too much about the report cards I brought home.  They never equated a bad grade to be a reflection of my self worth and understood I was always putting in my best effort which is essentially all that mattered.

It had not taken much time in college for me to realize that the game had completely changed.  In my previous years of education, I could pretty much get by in my pursuit of achieving academic excellence.  My grade was comprised of participation, creative projects (my saving grace), handing in homework on time, quizzes, and maybe a unit test every so often.  Things as easy as showing up to class was even a contributing factor to elevating the final grade.  Then I arrived to college where each class provided a syllabus the first day to outline the course and also spell out that the final grade was based on two or three tests and nothing else.  Professors do not even care about your attendance most of the time, you just had to make sure you made yourself present on exam days.  Not every class was like this but this was definitely the common trend.  Unfortunately for me, I had always been an awful test taker.  I could study for hours and still bomb a multiple choice exam.  College placed such a high focus on studying content and then taking tests.  Nothing else seemed to matter.

Now coming from an artist’s stand point, there is zero creativity behind cramming and retaining information all day.  I am sure any artist of any form can relate and understand how incredibly mentally draining this is.  As dramatic as that may sound, I do not know of any other way to put it into words.  After my first semester of college, which turned out to be my worst semester (between transitioning into college life and also now a whole new grading system), it became extremely evident that any free elective I was allotted towards my degree, I was hands down taking an art class.  I actually almost considered picking this up as a minor.  From a practical standpoint, I had not because I knew this was not in direct correlation with psychology.  I do not think I would have survived college fully without incorporating some type of art class into each semester following that first one.  I relied on those classes for my sanity but also as a creative outlet for me to express myself.

By the time I reached my sophomore year, I also came to another epic realization: Graduate school was just not in the cards for me.  I can still remember a vivid conversation with my mom that year over the phone where I directly expressed, “I don’t see myself going to graduate school.”  As much as it hurt feeling that way and saying those words (since this had always been an expectation I had for myself), I just knew in my heart–it was not meant to be.  I remember her responding in a way conveying that at the very least, I better finish college.  Of course, that was without question.  I was never doubting that nor my decision to go to college.  I was happy for the experience and for ultimately providing me with the clarity that I needed in knowing I had to take an artistic approach and choose a completely different career path now–a more creative one.

Fast forward to the day before my move in date before my senior year of college, I had decided to take a train by myself into NYC and take a tour at The Makeup Designory (MUD).  The idea of becoming a makeup artist always struck me as cool.  I never had thought about it on a serious level because it was not ever a career option that was offered in a college setting and I also had no makeup experience other than applying it on myself.  Often times when you meet makeup artists, it is very common to hear, “I started applying makeup on my friends at a young age.”  Well, I certainly did not fit into that category.  Heck, I was just about to graduate college at this point in my life.  Believe it or not, those extra art classes each semester in addition to a full semester of coursework assisted me in completing my degree in three and half years instead of four.  While most people tried to hold onto their college years for dear life, I could not get out of college fast enough.  I knew I never truly belonged there from an academic point of view.

One might even begin to wonder, how exactly I discovered MUD in the first place. Well, that summer I somehow had done some research on fashion schools (this was also a component of my post college plans and FYI, I did also manage to go to FIT at the same time as makeup school) and that is how I first stumbled across MUD, almost by sheer accident.  The school website gave me good vibes from the get go and my deep curiosity is what led me to set up a time to go to the school in person for a private tour.  For the first time ever, what once started out as a simple thought of becoming a makeup artist was now slowly becoming a reality.  I just did not know that yet at the time!

Not only was I beyond excited to visit The Makeup Designory, I actually knew within minutes (perhaps seconds), that this was it for me.  I can honestly say that this was probably one of the most instinctive life decisions I had ever independently made and probably to this day, the most substantial one.  Upon entering the school, it just felt so right to me.  I did not even need a formal tour of the place for me to come to that conclusion.  It became more apparent than ever, I AM GOING TO MAKEUP SCHOOL! I AM GOING TO BECOME A MAKEUP ARTIST! 😀  I could practically shout it from the rooftops at that very moment in time.  Since I knew rather quickly that this was a done deal–I seriously could not hand over my checkbook fast enough.  In order to hold a seat in an upcoming beauty makeup course, all I needed to do was bring in a $100 deposit.  I studied the website quite meticulously before my official visit so I knew to come fully prepared in the event that I would make that final decision to enroll into makeup school which sure enough I did.

Ultimately this has all led me to where I am today.  There was no turning back once I made the full commitment to attend makeup school in place of graduate school.  I can also tell you that I am just as passionate about my career now as the day I decided that this was the destiny I was going to choose for myself upon first stepping foot into The Makeup Designory.  It might not be perceived as the most socially acceptable choice and it is surely not the most academic one, but I am okay with all that.  Remember, a wise makeup artist once said, “All it takes is one decision to change your destiny.” 😉

My Makeup Process of Creating the Right Look

I just recently posted this information on my Instagram but thought this was a great post for aspiring makeup artists, clients, and other artists to read.  I wanted to share a more in-depth way I go about creating the right look for my clients and brides.  My goal is to fully understand the desired look and then go through the design process through my makeup artistry to get to the final look at the end.

Fatima 2

Bridal look I created for Fatima

– I first ask if there are any photos of makeup styles to look at prior to the makeup application to get a general idea of the look that I am asked to create. If there are no photos or ideas, I will proceed with asking some thorough questions to ensure I understand makeup preferences and the overall vision.

– I like to also learn in advance how much makeup one wears on a regular basis (if any) so I can gauge the comfort level of how much makeup to apply. For more natural and clean looks, I will opt for a neutral color palette and make sure there’s a smooth blend with the application. I never want someone to feel they are wearing too much makeup as often times, less is more.

– I will ask very specific questions regarding: Placement (ex: Do you wear top and bottom liner normally?), Color preferences (ex: Do you feel more comfortable in warmer tones such as golds for the eye shadows?), and Intensity (ex: Do you like a more dramatic look or more natural?)

– In situations people are meeting me for the first time and I’m designing a look in advance for an event, I will show as I go. Meaning I will show with a mirror the steps of the makeup application as I am applying the makeup to make sure we are both on the same page.  As I mentioned earlier, I really take the time to listen and understand so I can translate this information into the final look at the end.

– Once I’m completely done with the makeup application, I will fully examine everything from every angle. Then I will tweak anything if needed and make any changes. I essentially edit (or fine tune as I like to call it) and really blend everything more thoroughly. I’ll then record everything I used along with the exact placement so I can replicate the look in the future for the day of the event.

This pretty much explains my creative process behind how I go about makeup artistry from client to client.  Aside from having the right skills, I think it is a necessity to truly get to know your client and really understand what they are looking for from the very beginning.

Brittany’s Bridal Makeup


Brittany’s bridal makeup reminds me of Hollywood glamour.  She does not typically wear too much makeup but knew she wanted a red lip.  To balance the bold lip color, I kept the eyes soft with my choice of eyeshadow colors.  Even though the eyes are not too dramatic, they still stand out with black defined winged liner on the top and defined lashes.  She carries off the look beautifully as seen in the photos!

Complexion:  Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette (used as concealer), Dinair Glamour Airbrush Foundation in Alabaster and Light Golden Beige (mixed), Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (to set the entire foundation), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark (for cheek contour), NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross (cheek highlight), MAC blush in Sincere

Eyes:  MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC eyeshadows:  Naked Lunch (lid), Retrospeck (brow highlight and little bit in inner corner of the eye), All That Glitters (crease), Folie (outer crease), MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack (top liner winged), NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Appia (bottom liner), Revlon false lashes in “Defining”, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (top and bottom lashes), MAC eyeshadow in Omega and Cork (brows)

Lips:  MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Perpetuate Flame [discontinued], MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry (this did not quite match the lip color so I had to mix it a little bit with another MAC cremestick lip liner in Raw Refined [discontinued]), and a little clear top coat gloss over it

Brittany makeup 3.jpg

The Purpose of Makeup Setting Spray and the Best One to Use


When applying makeup, it is important to consider the longevity and how long it is going to last throughout the day.  A professional makeup application is meant to stay from the moment of application til the end of the day.

One might wonder, what are some products used to ensure the makeup is going to last this long?  Aside from investing in good primers (both for the face and for the eyes), I do recommend getting a makeup setting spray which is used at the very end, immediately after the makeup application is complete.  It is also a very simple step as it is just sprayed lightly all over the face.

The purpose of a makeup setting spray is to lock in the makeup so it does not crease, transfer, disappear, or need any touch ups.  

The makeup setting spray I have been using for years and that I always keep stocked in my makeup kit is the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray – Oil Control.  They do offer different variations of makeup finishing sprays that essentially do the same thing but I like to get the Oil Control because I think most people want their face makeup to stay relatively shine free and matte for the day.  Furthermore, this makeup setting spray ensures that the makeup will last for up to 16 hours.  What I love most about this spray is that it is lightweight (it does not feel sticky) and it has a patented temperature control technology that actually keeps the face cool which prevents shine to build up throughout the day.  I think that in itself is amazing!


Jennifer’s Bridal Makeup

Jennifer makeup 1.jpgjennifer-makeup-2Jennifer makeup 3.jpg
For Jennifer’s bridal makeup, I created a look that was natural and elegant but managed to be more than her everyday look.  She wanted makeup that would stand out in the photos but also made her feel like herself.  I find that most of my brides want a look like this and you can see how beautiful the makeup turned out along with the final look at the end, absolutely stunning!  I am glad I was able to stay til the very end to see how it all came together.

Complexion:  Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette (used as concealer), Dinair Glamour Airbrush Foundation in Light Golden Beige, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Dark (to set the entire foundation), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep (for cheek contour), NARS Cream Eye Shadow in Cosmic Girl [discontinued] lightly on top of cheek bones (cheek highlight) and NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross (cheek highlight), MAC blush in Melba and also a little Fleur Power over it (blush)

Eyes:  MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC eyeshadows:  Jest and Naked Lunch (lid), Nylon (brow highlight and little bit in inner corner of the eye), Sable (crease), Embark (outer crease), MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack (thin top liner without wing but upwards on the corners), Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner pencil in black (bottom liner), Salon Perfect false lashes #110, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (top and bottom lashes), MAC eyeshadow in Cork just lightly (brows)

Lips:  MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour in For Keeps and the clear top coat gloss over it


The final look with makeup, hair, and the beautiful dress.  Bridal perfection!

Marci’s Bridal Makeup


For Marci’s bridal makeup, we decided the day of to go even more dramatic with the eyes and add some purple hues.  We also opted for dramatic lashes that were long and full.  The final look was not only beautiful but ultra glamourous!

Complexion:  Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette (used as concealer), Dinair Glamour Airbrush Foundation in Light Golden Beige and Honey Beige mixed, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep (to set the entire foundation), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark (for cheek contour), NARS The Multiple in Copacabana and NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross (cheek highlight), MAC blush in Mocha (blush)

Eyes:  MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC eyeshadows:  Jest (lid), Seedy Pearl (brow highlight and little bit in inner corner of the eye), Trax (crease), Shadowly Lady (outer crease), MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack (top liner with slight wing), Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner pencil in black (bottom liner, applied a couple times for extra emphasis and drama), Callas false lashes #415 (I discovered these in a recent trip to California, these lashes are AMAZING), Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara in Ultra Black (top and bottom lashes), MAC eyeshadow in Brun (brows)

Lips:  Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color in Pink Blossom, Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Watermelon Splash, MAC Lip Pencil in Soar

Velour Lashes – Luxurious Silk False Lashes

velour-lashes-momma-knows-bestOver the weekend, I got a chance to try a pair of Velour Lashes on one of my brides, specifically in the style, “Momma Knows Best.”  I would describe this pair of lashes as natural with a more lengthening and defining effect.  The outer corners provide extra volume and give these lashes a little more flair than an ordinary pair of false lashes.

Velour Lashes are 100% handmade of silk and come in such a wide assortment of styles.  The band is flexible and are solid black which is great as I typically need to apply a thin layer of black eyeliner first along the lash band prior to application.  With these false lashes, I can skip that step and proceed to just applying a thin layer of lash glue.  They apply with ease and are also comfortable which is always an important factor when purchasing a pair of false eyelashes!

Velour Lashes can be found on their website directly and are also sold exclusively at Sephora.  

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about False Eyelashes

As a makeup artist, I truly believe false eyelashes are essential for that extra wow factor and they can enhance the eyes dramatically.  I don’t think there is any mascara on the market that can really compare to the eye opening effect of a pair of false eyelashes (unless of course you naturally have beautiful long lashes to begin with)!  It is for this reason, I always like to include the option of false eyelashes with my makeup services at no additional cost because to me, it is that crucial in creating the final look!

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding false eyelashes:

  • How do they stay on?
    • False eyelashes are applied using a thin layer of glue (specifically a latex formula) which are then applied as close to the lash line as possible to blend in with your natural eyelashes.  Duo is the world’s best selling lash adhesive and can be found anywhere ranging from drugstores to cosmetic boutiques.  There are other brands on the market but nothing compares to Duo!


  • How do you remove them?
      • False lashes are easy to remove, you just need to gently pull on them starting on either end and just peel them off carefully.  It will not hurt at all and will not mess up your natural eyelashes.  If they feel a little more snug and do not seem to detach too easily, putting a little eye makeup remover (or anything oil based) over them will loosen up the glue so it can be removed with ease.


  • How long do they last?
      • A single pair of eyelashes is meant to be used on a daily basis, meaning at the end of the day when you are removing your makeup, you will also need to remove the false eyelashes.  They are not meant to be permanent or semi-permanent.  The good news is that they are reusable.


  • How many times can I reuse a pair of false eyelashes?
      • This is a personal preference.  If you do not plan on reusing them in the near future, they can be disposed immediately.  I would say on average, a pair of false eyelashes can be reused again (meaning reapplied another time) anywhere between 3-5 times.  I try to get even more wearage out of them, especially if they are well kept and are good quality.


  • Can I sleep with them?
      • False eyelashes are not meant to be worn overnight and I strongly discourage sleeping with them on.  Aside from potential irritation, sleeping with them on will completely destroy the lashes.  Chances are you will wake up with them still attached (surprisingly) but they will be all bent out of shape and definitely need to be tossed afterwards.


  • Will they stay on if I cry?
      • Generally speaking, the false lashes will still stay on because the glue that is used to apply them is waterproof.  The only time they run the risk of coming off is during the actual application process if your eyes are tearing up as they are trying to dry and set.  The tearing prevents the glue from sticking so if you begin to tear, wipe the eyes dry and wait a few minutes before trying to apply them again.  Once they are set and the glue has dried (usually within 2-3 minutes, the glue dries fairly quickly), then they should be set for the day and will not move if you were to cry later.


  • Can I wear mascara over them?
    • Yes, mascara can be applied over the false lashes and in most scenarios, I will put a single coat of mascara over the false eyelashes to allow them to blend in with the natural eyelashes more naturally.  Keep in mind, this is also a personal preference and can depend on certain factors.
    • Personally, when I wear false eyelashes, I actually never apply mascara over them.  I do not like wearing mascara in general and do not find it necessary for me to apply a coat of mascara over them as the false eyelashes blend in with my natural lashes on its own.  However, when I apply false eyelashes on my clients, I generally will always coat mascara over them.  (I will go over in a future post the pros and cons of applying mascara over false eyelashes).


  • Should they be applied before or after eyeshadow?
      • I believe false eyelashes should always be applied after you have completed your eye makeup in its entirety (except maybe the mascara–this can be applied before or after the false lash application).  Meaning your eyeshadow and eyeliner should be applied first followed by the false eyelashes.  I have seen false eyelashes applied first and this can work but I think there is a greater chance of them possibly detaching during the process of applying your eye makeup afterwards (because usually you need to tug on the eye more when applying eyeshadow and eyeliner).  This is my professional view but keep in mind, false eyelashes could be applied first before eyeshadow application if you choose to.


  • If I wear contacts or glasses, can I still wear false eyelashes?
      • If you wear contacts, wearing false eyelashes should not bother your eyes at all unless your eyes are extremely sensitive to begin with.  If this is the case, I would not recommend attempting to wear false eyelashes as health always comes first!  If you wear glasses, I usually do not recommend wearing false eyelashes because sometimes the lashes can hit the glass lens once you put your glasses on which can be slightly annoying.  If the lashes are shorter in length and more natural, you should be okay but in most cases, I would suggest to just wear mascara instead.


  • How are false eyelashes different from lash extensions?
    • Lash extensions are singular lashes dipped in a semi-permanent glue applied one by one along the lash line.  Being they are semi-permanent, lash extensions are meant to last up to two weeks before they start to fall out naturally.  Most people who get lash extensions will need to keep up with maintaining them by having them applied every couple weeks by a professional, usually in a salon setting.
    • False eyelashes are not permanent and just need to be applied for each single occasion.  Besides being applied by a professional makeup artist, anyone can pick up a pair of false eyelashes along with a tube of Duo lash adhesive and learn to apply them in the comfort of their own home.