Behind the Scenes – Ruby and Scott’s Wedding

Behind the scenes video

Here is the wedding video:

My friend recently shared her wedding video with me and I am happy to share it on my blog as it not only showcases what an amazing wedding day she had from beginning to end but also captures what the getting ready process is really like.  Here you can see what really goes on behind the scenes with hair and makeup.

It is not too often that I get the opportunity to be the makeup artist and guest so this was truly such a beautiful video to watch because I was not only just there for the prep time but actually there for the entire wedding day.


One thought on “Behind the Scenes – Ruby and Scott’s Wedding

  1. Wow, this is the most beautiful and professional wedding video I have ever seen!!! Thank you for sharing. I can also see the fantastic job you did for the bride and the bridal part. Truly amazing.


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