The Perfect Foundation – 6 Things to Consider

landscape-1447083478-liquid-foundationFor many women, finding the perfect foundation may seem like an intimidating task.  There are so many options to choose from today and it is hard to know what’s best.

Foundation is very personal and varies depending on the skin type, texture, tone, skin concerns, and the desired look to be achieved.  I wanted to touch upon what I feel is most important when choosing the best foundation.

Shade:  The majority of women are most concerned with shade and finding the closest foundation shade to their natural skin tone.  The best way to test this is to test the foundation on a completely bare face, closest to the jawline and neck.  Often times, the face can easily be slightly darker than the neck (especially during the summer months) so it is crucial that the foundation matches the neck as well.

Texture:  Foundations come in various formulas with the most popular being liquids, creams, and powders.  The texture will depend upon how you want the foundation to look and feel on the skin.  Liquids and creams tend to provide more coverage whereas a powder provides very little coverage.

Coverage:  As stated above, the foundation coverage is an element to consider when choosing a foundation.  The coverage is in reference to how much foundation you want on the face.  Usually a thicker consistency will provide much more coverage compared to a formula that is lightweight and sheer.

Finish:  The finish of a foundation is the overall look once it is applied.  There are many different foundation finishes to choose from such as matte, full coverage, sheer, dewy, natural, or luminous (which is essentially a fancy way of saying it gives a slight glow to the skin).

Longevity:  Often times this is overlooked but as a makeup artist, this is one of my main concerns when testing a foundation.  I want to make sure the foundation truly lasts from the moment of application to the end of the day prior to removing it.  A good foundation (paired with primer of course) should last the entire day without any touch-ups.  It should not be wearing off within hours, getting shiny, or changing colors while wearing it.

Ingredients:  Especially for those with more sensitive skin types, it will be essential to check out the ingredients to prevent any irritation or allergic reactions.  This might require a little additional research on your part or an appointment with a dermatologist to determine what you can and can not apply to your face.  It is also good to scan the ingredient list in a foundation to see if it contains any skin boosting benefits such as anti-aging properties and antioxidants.

One thought on “The Perfect Foundation – 6 Things to Consider

  1. When choosing a foundation, I always depend on a makeup artist like you for help. This is an area I don’t trust my own judgement because I could never be sure if I am choosing the right shade.


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